Love on the Wall

Tell me that you love me
So I can call you my darling

Our eyes met
while you peek at me behind your wall of shy

That’s why
I always write love letters on the wall for you

Finally Not Alone

Loneliness is a friend 
Loneliness is a friend

I will never be lonely
‘cause loneliness is my friend


Praying for red to be blue 
Making a lifeless void
Forcing a mute to scream
Summoning fire inside an ice
Healing a heartbreak with a sorry

History will be repeated
The cycle will never stop
We will always be doing everything that is

Exotic Meeting

We met under a fateful encounter 
Blessed with exotic coincidence
It was small at that time
But faith is oh so small
Yes small it is, yet it sparks
And that flicker turns into abundance

The root of trees conquers the land
If one is not, but abundant
Star speaks of the knowledge
If one is not, but abundant
And man rules the earth
If one is not, but abundant

Why are you afraid of something small?
Nothing big ever emerged
Without small one
Why do you ever doubt yourself?
Let us remember our time
In Karlovy Vary